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The Mostyn Project

‘The Mostyn Project’ is an initiative of the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies (IMEMS) at the Universities of Aberystwyth and Bangor, in close collaboration with partners such as the National Library of Wales, the Bangor University Archive, the Centre for Advance Welsh and Celtic Studies, and the Mostyn Estate. Its focus is the vast, varied and fascinating body of records – both written and material - that were generated, collected, or at some point owned, by the Mostyn family and estate of North Wales. The records range from the medieval period to the twentieth century; and from literary manuscripts and early printed books, through estate and family archives, to political sources, and on to buildings, paintings and household goods. Much is held at the National Library of Wales, and Bangor University Archives: but there is also much still kept by the Mostyn Estate, and more in the care of Hawarden Record Office and of other repositories around the world. The Mostyn Project is run in association with The Mostyn Estate and the Mostyn family. We are grateful for their support and interest.


The Mostyn Project’s key objectives are:

  1. To raise public and academic awareness of the range and interest of the Mostyn material.

  2. To enhance the Mostyn material as a public and academic resource through such activities as locating, cataloguing, digitising, electronically disseminating, restoring and exhibiting it.

  3. To demonstrate the usefulness of the material for the public and academic understanding of past and contemporary cultures – particularly those of Wales – through research projects, exhibitions and lectures centred on the records of the Mostyn family and estate.


The Mostyn Project encompasses a wide range of themes for research from investigations of medieval land law, work on bardic patronage, reconstruction of The Mostyn Libraries and considerations of the art and architecture of this important Welsh dynasty. Currently under development are two major projects, one concerns the development of Llandudno as a significant urban community and coastal resort and the other investigates the possibilities for using digital humanities methods to reconstruct the Mostyn Library. For this research the Mostyn Project is working with a range of partners including The Mostyn Estates and Mostyn family, The National Library of Wales, Bangor University Archives, Cadw, Gwynedd Archaeological Trust, The Royal Commission for Historic Monuments and various other local record offices and societies.


Additional Information:




If you would like to know more about any of these projects or about the Mostyn Project in general, please contact:

Dr Elisabeth Salter
Project Director, English Department, Aberystwyth University



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