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The Cultural Impact of a Dynasty on Place, Locality and Region- The Example of Llandudno


An AHRC Funded Cultural Engagement Project


The Mostyn Project has been awarded an AHRC Cultural Engagement Grant for its work on the Mostyn Family influence on the development of Llandudno. This is a 3 month project (February to May 2013) which employs two early career researchers to work with Mostyn Estates on the history and development of Llandudno and the ways that this history and heritage may be communicated to the wider community.

The Project objectives are:

To engage the public with the historic and cultural heritage that formed Llandudno in the following ways:

To pursue research into the ways that the Mostyn dynasty planned and formed the town of Llandudno using the textual and material evidence pertaining to it, including the area known as Gloddaith

To develop the project’s current links with other stakeholders (eg. Royal commission for Ancient and Historic Monuments; Cadw (Welsh Historic Monuments); Gwynedd Archaeological Trust

To work in consultation with the Mostyn Estate Ltd. to enhance the presentation of Mostyn Family involvement with building Llandudno (see and its environs

To continue with talks to Local History and Learned Societies in the locality and beyond

To consult with local museums and galleries on ways to advance the presentation of Llandudno and its history for the local community and for the tourist industry

To assist in the development of the new Llandudno Arts Festival, an initiative sponsored by Mostyn Estates Ltd.




If you would like to know more about any of these projects or about the Mostyn Project in general, please contact:

Dr Elisabeth Salter
Project Director, English Department, Aberystwyth University



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