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Canllaw Cyfraith Hywel

Principal Investigator: Dr. Sara Elin Roberts

Research Assistant: Bryn Jones

The aim of the project is to complete the background work on the manuscripts of the law of Hywel Dda. Welsh law manuscripts display a text which is loose both in terms of wording and textual order. Although much work has been done in the field, we are far from having a complete picture of the material contained within the law manuscripts. This project will therefore provide lists of the contents of each law manuscript, and the fruits of the research will be published in online databases. A full, annotated bibliography of works concerning the law of Hywel Dda will also be published on the web, with short essays briefly explaining the nature of different sections of the law.

The purpose of the project therefore is to:

  • Provide a complete picture of the contents of each manuscript of medieval Welsh law in existence.

  • Publish the research in the form of searchable online databases so that members of the public may have access to the manuscripts of Welsh law.

  • Provide a description of the scholarship which relates to the Law of Hywel.

  •  Offer an introduction to those who are new to the field.

  • Provide a guide to the medieval Welsh law.

  • Provide a specialist guide to medieval Welsh law manuscripts.



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